A rip off of Visual Kei, well, more like a piece of Visual Kei.
A: "That scene guy is so cool looking..."
B: "Hm... Oh wait he's listening to Miyavi, that makes it Visual Kei. I thought I had to curb stomp him for a second there."
A: "..."
by Graphicist May 15, 2008
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Okayy bitchhes your all saying "emos and scenes are they same" really? no!

Scene guys : wear None or ALOT of eyeline will wear Random weird shirts like "the price is right" or really sucky band tee shirts attemting to be funny try to be cool And wear shinny jeans a size or two to big with a cheap belt. A bazillion pics of self taken

Emo guy : dresses like a human norml pants normal shirts... At most a little makeup

Scene girl : Emo Poser! wears bows and XXI Forever
listens to girly music acts sweet and nice but is really a bitch bff's with girly girls and jocks Choppy ass hair Teased Straitened Dyed... Wears a bucket laod of make up Secretly peirces friends face and does drugs and drinks not to mencion their bi

emo girls: dresses like a colorful goth with natrual make up
Guy: XxXfOrEvErAlOnEbC13XxX : Im ish sooo EMO

Girl: XXXXAlisonApatheticXXXX : Me teww!!!!! :D <3
Girl: KristenSynette : SCENE posers get a life
Guy: GeovanniStrange : Ikr!!
by AutumnKrystal1 November 10, 2011
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(noun) In mid-20th-century hipster lingo, any situation or environment, but especially a socially coherent one, like a party, job, meeting, show, demonstration, riot, etc. Thus to "make the scene" meant to arrive and be at an event, etc.
"Fuck this scene -- I'm gonna split."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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think emo/goth meets preppy and you will be in a ball park.

like tight pants, areopostle hoodie... that sort of thing
its just not very good
him: scene is a perfectly legitiment style

me: go sit in the corner
by jarinatorman November 24, 2009
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C'mon people, stop hating scene. There's no point in hating. Bright colors, big hair, colorful, happy, hilarious. I'm not quite scene, but I enjoy their company! If you hate them because they're not wearing "A&F, Hollister, American Eagle, or Aeropostale", then you're no more original than you claim they are. Get a life, no need to hate.
Hater: "Go die, Scene faggot!"
Scene Kid: "...Batman"
by STFU-FTW-DPG4LIFE October 16, 2011
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kinda emo with out the cutting.... they have puffy hair and like neon stuff tight jeans converse vans music studd belts bows eyliner etc. (the cool kids) lol
Woah! that kids emo
no you dill weed hes scene duh!
by scene257 October 27, 2008
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A spontaneous act in public that attracts observers and gives the participants some of the attention they were deprived of as a child.
That bitch is making a scene again. Her parents must have hated her. I wouldn't blame them, either.
by Mr. Fed Up With Jerks July 10, 2008
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