A fat and ugly kid who usually wears tight clothes that are bright colored and a muffin top.
the fat cow was scene neonmake up and whit eyeliner with icky blonde hair wih green stripes
by mooo cow August 18, 2009
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People who like to dress up in dark clothes and have big hairstyles. Usually black hair. wears dark make up.
My friend Lexi is always dressing up in dark clothes and always has big hair. She's totally scene.
by Iloveloganlermanandpercyjackso November 26, 2011
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Well, besides having choppy hair, wearing tight pants and taking lots of pictures, Scene can also mean someone who likes to publisize their problems/issues to people either in conversations, in msn names, forums, myspace/facebook profiles, etc. They usually do this by saying something out of the ordinary that will catch peoples attention..thus they are another type of attention whore. An example of something they could do along with msn names is turn their 'what im listenin to' on and listen to sad, depressing music so that everyone can see.
Jimmy: Hey dan, whats up buddy?
Dan: nothing, i just hate my life, you can read all about it today in my msn name. Plz dont hesitate to ask me about it cause i love that.
Jimmy: god dan, your so scene!

Msn name example: wish i could disappear..just when i thought my life couldn't get any worse
by AnnaBanana5050 February 01, 2007
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Simple way to put it rather than definitions that take up half your life!

Scene = Colorful Emo
"scene" picture an emo, black hair, looong fringe pulled over an eye, black clothes, iPod that you can hear the drum beat from the song playing wen you're a mile away.

now imagine a 6yr old girl colouring that image in.
by Dr.Ry-Ry (steriotype analysis) October 13, 2008
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fruity gay version of emo. made for people who think emo is cool, but thinks black and gray doesn't go with their eyes.
Posers and Fags.
Emo girl: oh, im so sad and emo all the time...i want to die.
Scene girl: haha, lamoooo im scene and im sooo cool, cunt. a rainbow barfed all over my short choppy hair and i stole this bow from my 2 month old sister. All this fruity eyeshadow is starting to give me pink eye, but that just makes me more hardxcore, ni99a!!!! gimme scene points, ni99a cuntt!!!
by Alexis Hopefully Parker March 16, 2011
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A lot of people judge the scene trend because they like to be different and like attention when, in actual fact, many emo kids like it too. The difference between a scene and an emo is that a scene will gain attention through their choice of style, whereas an emo will gain attention by threatening self-harm and suicide. Many people call scene kids fags because they wear undersized clothes and the boys will wear women's jeans, but this isn't being gay, it's attempting originality. The scene trend started to die out in 2OO8 for the older kids but the younger generation carried it on. You will often see pre-pubescent children attempting and failing the scene style, although they refuse to admit it.
A common definition of a scene is a gay obnoxious little poser who won't admit they're scene but clearly are. This isn't the case. A scene is like a bubbly emo that likes bright colours and anything cute (hello kitty, bows, dinosaurs, robots etc). Basically, scene was taken from the emo style, leaving behind the depressed suicidal attitude. Both genders normally have choppy hair, covering one eye (mainly the right) which is jet black, peroxide blonde, dark brown or random colours, lots of makeup and piercings, tight jeans, bright coloured plastic jewellery, band shirts and will probably be seen outside every show possible.
Emo Kid: Omg, look at that faggot scene, their style sucks.
Scene Kid: Stfu, it's the new improved version of yours!
by AzaaCatastrophe June 21, 2012
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Scenester. Someone who is fake. Scene girl/guys are usually posers for emos. Peppy little kids who want to look emo. Scene is not a fashion style, it is not a good thing...
Emo Girlfriend: F*ck life, let's die.
Emo Guy: No bullets, bullets are scene.
Emo Girlfriend: Totally, lets go drink antifreeze or overdose on heroine. </3
by TheScreamoStud October 24, 2009
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