a girl in the music scene that fucks around with EVERYONE.
that scene slut fucked all 5 guys from that metal band for a free cd.
by xpwnxincx June 08, 2004
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A sexually promiscuous scene girl however it can sometimes be a scene guy. Looks innocent but is a whore.
scene slut: Lyk omg! I just fucked Br@nd0n Br00t@l!!!
me: NAST!!!!!!!!
by disgust October 21, 2007
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girl who sleeps around with band members and has no sexual control whatso ever. gets used and loves it and sometimes is too much of a slut to realize shes a slut. can also be seen hanging out with the cab.
" Yo, I hooked up with Calah last night. "

" I wouldnt brag about that man, that scene slut has slept with half of central mass"
by Dan Mayson May 05, 2009
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Basically any guy/girl that goes to shows just to make popularity in the scene world, that dresses the clothes and shit but doesn't do anything at the concert but stand there. aka worthless piece of shit.
Scene Slut: omfg i want to go to a show tonight, i don't even care who's playing!
Me: wtf you're a dumbass, stop being such a scene slut.
by Daean July 01, 2005
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A person, usually a female, who hangs around a particular subculture, or "scene", out of a desire to have sex with other members of the subculture. The scene slut usually has only a minimal, passing interest in the music/dress/ethos/etc of the subculture, and participates in the scene (going to concerts, parties, etc) purely out of a desire for sex.
Check out that girl. She's such a scene slut!
by Thucydides November 28, 2011
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Scene slut is a term used in the BDSM community for someone that participates in "Scenes" rather frequently at BDSM fetish clubs.
You show up at the private play clubs every weekend and get topped by anyone who wishes to top you. You could care less who it is as long as they scene with you.
by Gary Miller July 28, 2005
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