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Scar The Martyr is a heavy metal band formed by former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. The current lineup (as of Dec. 2014) is Joey Jordison-drums, Kris Norris (of Darkest Hour)-guitar, Jed Simon (of Strapping Young Lad)-guitar, Kyle Konkiel-bass, Matthew Tarach-keyboards, and Henry Derek-vocals ( announced he was 'parting ways' with the band on April 10, 2014, the band is currently auditioning for a vocal replacement) So far they have released one album titled 'Scar The Martyr'.
Ted-So what's Joey from Slipknot doing now that he left?
John-He started this awesome new metal band called 'Scar The Martyr'. You should check them out!
One Hour Later
Ted-I listened to their was awesome!
by ReubenG December 20, 2014
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