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a not so affectionate term for the students of Abingdon boys' school, referring to their appearance and general character flaws, for example, uncalled-for arrogance. there are a few students at abingdon school who do not qualify as scabingdons, however.
you most probably won't want to go out with a scabingdon boy
by genius May 25, 2003
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Pupil at Abingdon boys school, most of them are tossers, all of them have a major obsession with penises large and small (as shown by the large number of phallic drawings around the school and their love of the word chode). I was one until a few weeks ago, and look how I turned out...
A: Scabingdon boys, they really love the cock don't they?
B: Yep
by chodesmoker July 29, 2004
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