"Dog was Star" backwards.
The "God" refers to Grace's Order of Dadaists, a fictitious club in the fictional book "Rats Saw God" by Rob Thomas. RSG is a book about a teenage genius who trhows away his life away for a girl during his junior year of high school, and how he put the pieces back during his senior year. Hilarious. The book is made special by the fact that two tales are told simultaneously. Other works by Thomas include "Satellite Down" and "Slave Day"
rats saw God is a book that tends to appeal only to freaks because of the fact that it says God on the cover (even though the book has nothing to do with religion), and because of the confusing cover art. Read it.
by Hob Gadling April 24, 2005
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A slang statement used to express shock.
Jack: "How many zombies did you see out there?"
David: "I did and, I saw god..."
by Psssuuuuu December 24, 2022
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