1. One who is brutish and neanderthal like.
2. One who is super cool and very L337.
3. A common term used to relate a crazy animal with a human being.
4. One who is dope and does cool shit.
1. FUck he just raped the whole clan that fools fuckin savage!!!
2. Look at that L337 rape.. what a fucking savage.
3. That niggah is fuckin savage he shot up 6 whiteboys with a fork.
by JAMMUU February 21, 2003
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A.)emphasizing a likeing towards an object or posession. B.)a showing of appriciation for an extreme action.
A.)are those the Dub Dueces? Those rims are Savage! B.)that backflip you pulled was savage.
by buckets June 11, 2004
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A cool tough person with swagger.Has style and is freah and is a beast.
Person 1:(โ€œWhat word would you use to describe me?โ€)
Person 2:(โ€œA savage!๐Ÿ˜Žโ€)
by cracra18 June 05, 2018
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1) Violent, brutal, or uncontrolled;
2) Uncivilized or primitive;
3) Person who states a "brutal" opinion, without care of feelings or consequence.
1) The savage animal that attacked her had her admitted into the hospital.
2) In early European colonial expansion, the tribes of Africa were seen as savage due to not being on par with European civilization.
3) After the rapper, Kanye West, interrupted Taylor Swift during her award at the 2009 MTV "Video Music Award" ceremony he was called "savage".
by Manumitter January 23, 2016
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a.) someone or something that kicks supreme ass, usually when describing sports or other physical activities.

b.) a total badass.
That guy is a goddamn savage!
Woah...that was savage!
by Wes November 18, 2003
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