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rich spoiled chicks who live in huge villas with pools and everything.own beach houses and lemos.carry louis vuiton bags, wear fendi shoes and dior sunglasses..

But everyone on the planet think they're nothing but abused females who live in the desirt wearing a blankit to cover them from head to toe..

but that is totaly not true,i mean they do wear abayas but it comes in different styles and colors, and they wear it as they wear shoes,bags,sunglasses,jewels,and
make-up. some of them cover theyr heads (hijab),some dont,and some just put a scarf on it with theyr hair all out.and they take it off whenever they're in theyr beach houses or fancy hotels and places....and ofcourse when they're out of the country. wich they do alot just for shopping from paris and milan ever month...
and they all have boyfriends...and they're smoken hot!
(1): man that girl is so rich..
(2): yeah..shes so saudi.

i love saudi girls, they are hot rich stylish and sooooooooooooo sexy!
by Samie,, March 25, 2007
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Young women from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Usually characterized by extensive collections of authentic Louis Vuitton purses and stencil painting of eye-brows resulting in an almost tranny like or chongivity look. Most likely they will not know what either of these terms mean. Contrary to popular belief they do not necessarily have to wear a head scarf while away from their country. And they will also have many male acquaintances in a similar fashion their western counterparts. Though unlike their western counterparts, they do not sleep with their “friends.” Contrary to western stereotypes many are very intelligent, receiving masters and PhD degrees from top universities. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to them to pursue serious careers as they are forced to return home and bound into arranged marriages.
Look at that Saudi girl with the new Hermes bag, you definitely can't buy one of those off student loan money.
by delightfully-wicked February 02, 2012
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