sarcastic girls are funny and honest, they know when to quit the jokes but will always be sarcastic, they don't stop. It's not a bad thing, it's actually really good because you end up having inside jokes!
Their sarcastic girls really cool too!
by The human robot ✌️ October 22, 2019
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A sarcastic girl is what all guys want.
They want a girl who can keep up with their sarcastic remarks, and doesn't get upset when they are just kidding.
Sarcastic girls are also wanted because they can rip on anyone, and become well liked for being clever.
Sarcastic girls are extremely sexy and usually intelligent.
(Guy (sarcastically) to girlfriend): "Oh yeah, you look so fat all the time!"
(girlfriend): "I'm breaking up with you!"
(Guy): "Man I wish my girl was a sarcastic girl and could take a joke...if only."
by mkg889 February 14, 2009
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