An actress who has the most annoying scream in the world, and a head that is shaped like a foot.
Brian: The FCC are censoring anything that might be viewed as unpleasant.
Peter: What the hell? They let Sarah Jessica Parker's face on TV and she looks like a foot.
by Cazz January 31, 2006
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An unsightly, cheap prostitute that resembles a horse.
Man, I think I got horse AIDS from that $20 sarah jessica parker last weekend!
by Gary Jonston April 30, 2008
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A whore who badly represents women as shopaholic, materialistic bitches who obssess over getting some dick and are highly unstable.
by CrimsonBlues January 5, 2005
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Sarah Jessica Parker recently won an award and she thanked everyone including family, friends and her lawyer(?) before bursting into floods of tears, boo-hoo. She has a horse face, which would be ok (on a horse), but then there is the mole, big, juicy, throbbing and sweaty, it isn't attached to her - she is attached to IT........
by clairem May 30, 2007
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Someone who dines endless hours on weekdays with her friends and sits in her apartment at night in a wife beater, lacy underwear and manolo blaniks writing a column that doesn't give readers any information just gives them a new question to contemplate. So basically in the real world there is no Sarah Jessica Parker!
Sarah Jessica Parker should be removed from the urban dictionary because these words don't have a definition!
by jazzyblues October 8, 2006
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A person who enjoys being a girl.
I was totally a sarah jessica parker, when I was trying on those Manolos.
by Justin Cooper November 6, 2005
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