Santa Claus (English translation - Mad Bastard) was the nickname for an escaped felon who climbed into people's houses on Christmas Eve night and left self-detonating nail bombs inside parcels in the living rooms. These nail bombs would explode when the parcel was opened, thus exploding the face of the 5 year old kid who opened it. The bombings and killings went on for years until eventually he was tortured and killed by the Triads.
"Ho-ho-hooo-shit" - Santa Claus' last words after be shown a pair of jumper cables.
by A Triad August 23, 2010
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While receiving fellatio, hide two handfuls of cotton balls behind your back. Finish on the broads face, then apply the cotton balls for a Santa like beard.
After unwrapping my Christmas gifts from Kesha, I gave her one hell of a Santa Claus
by Trim Reaper December 01, 2009
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Pulling out of your male partners ass then ejaculating on their face. You would then use the semen to draw a mustache and beard (white like Santa Claus).
Damn rick, your ass is so tight. Now be a good little elf and let me Santa Claus you'
by chris kringle October 04, 2006
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When a guy nuts in another guy's beard and then licks it off his beard.
I was with this guy the other night and it was so hot when he gave me the Santa Claus. Christmas does cum more than once a year!
by He brew national July 23, 2017
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A talking piece of poo who says: "Howdy Ho! Ho! Ho!" , as seen on South Park (those guys are so smart).
If you see santa claus floating in the toilet then be sure to flush it down so the next person doesn't have to see/look at it.
by Santa licks penis December 21, 2005
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While pile driving a girl in the ass, you pull out her tampon and whip her back and yell "Go Dasher and Dancer".
I was banging my first cousin and yelled "Go Dasher and Dancer". Then I yelled...I'm Santa Claus Bitch!!!
by Wave Esther Nails February 02, 2010
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When a gay guy with a beard sucks a guy's penis and he pulls it out of his mouth and get semen all over his beard.
Dude, I gave colin the worst Santa Claus ever.
by Mr. Doty September 23, 2008
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