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Jimmy: Did you see the skirt on santa's little helper?
Sunny: Man, it's good to be santa, given her presents and all.
by Bombsky February 25, 2010
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cocaine; Santa is certainly familiar with snow if he can run around to all those houses in one night.
I couldn't feel my face after all that Santa's little helper. I could touch it, but couldn't feel it.
by jburke524 September 18, 2011
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santa's little bitch who follows his fat ass around and kisses it
Santa: Hey, you. Kiss my ring, bitch. I'm Santa Clause, bitch (saying like Rick James)
Santa's Little Helper: Yes, oh great one. Would you also like a blowjob?
Santa: Nah, not tonight. But get me my 40.
by MayaEA July 09, 2006
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when a black guy dresses up as santa claus or mrs. claus at a truck stop and goes up to a horny redneck and asks what he wants for christmas. the redneck must say you they get on a random flatbed and put on a show for the whole yard of horny rednecks then the black guy while getting rammed in the asshole shoots up heroine into the horndog and then drags him back to the truck where he dresses the truck driver in santa claus suit and cuts out his mouth and his own dick and puts it into his mouth and shoves the horndogs fist up his ass til it ruptures the lower intestine and then the helper writes in shit, blood, and/or semen across the windshield "kkk you can suck my bloody butthole"
by Big Black Cock October 17, 2008
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