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Sanford Maine. A place known for a safe haven for drug addicts to hunker down in abandoned houses to either shoot up smoke crack or he'll burn it down if you need a hooker upfront of 7 11 they stand all night. This town is famous for potholes run down slums. Fist fighting drunk neighbors heroin needles street finds.. And 3 eyed fish out of the pond. Things to see in Sanford.... Crack heads. Heroin addicts filthy parking lots. Midgets. Scooters. Women that look like men
Dude looks like a lady ..a shirty view of the burnt mills. And then you got beggars you have a cigarette you have a quarter corrupt cops. Cars broken into every day bikes mopeds stolen.. Don't put the trampoline out they will steal that too.. Worse place to ever live avoid. Brook street. Island ave. State street. Riverside ave aka heroin trail. God took a nice big dump on Sanford. And if you want to fit in. Grow a beard shit your pants and look anemic... Do not move your family here... Unless you have millions to fix up thousands of slummy houses. Just tell them your from York. Cause once you say I'm from Sanford they will run thinking your gonna rob them of have bed bugs on your clothes. Sanford people actually fool themselves thinking this is a nice town. If you like living in a place where shooting up in public and licking your own asshole is acceptable. No jobs no food. No cars ..but we travel with backpacks to fill our tent booze and crack. Hell hole
Hey I'm from Sanford you want to steal or break into cars. Maybe stab each other... Or trade our bedbug collection cool I'll ask my mom cause nobody has a dad in Sanford. Sanford Maine
by Irishmadman February 16, 2018
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