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The sandwich game is a highly addictive obsession practiced by people everywhere. Once you introduce your friends to the sandwich game, eating sandwiches in the precence of eachother will never be the same again. The official rules are online, but here is a condesed form for easy reading.

1. In the event that you see a sandwich with nothing adamant on top of it, you must punch it.

2. If you are eating a sandwich, you must cover it with an adamant object if it is not in your hands. Otherwise, it may be subject to punching.

3. You cannot punch the sandwich if it has an object on it, the owner is holding it, or the owner does not know the rules of the Sandwich Punching Game.

4. The game begins when the owner of the sandwich takes a bite out of said sandwich, cuts it, or dismembers it in any way.
Joelle: I just made a delicious sandwich! *takes a bite out of it* Oh, shit, I need to go do something over there! *leaves the unprotected sandwich on the table*

Tony: SANDWICH PUNCH! *punches sandwich*

Joelle: You're such a fucking assbucket, Tony.

Tony: Sandwich punch game!
by The sandwich puncher December 29, 2009
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