A sander is a person who can tell it like it is while having the balls to do what he wants when he wants. He is a made man who has finally made it to the big time, a true baller. 50% of Sander's are cockasian and 25% asian or black A real sander exhibits an exuberant knowledge the finer things in life that are often not experienced by common society, such as an eye for fine automobiles, a refined taste in women , is a cannabis connoisseur and liquor.
Wanna ball so hard like Sander.
by Mark suckmyburg November 07, 2019
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If your name is Sander, you are probably the coolest, most handsome and fittest guy you will ever meet. Sander is the guy who gets all the girls and if he gets irritated you're one knockout from being dead. You will find people who's name is Sander on the Norwegian sea on a jetski. probably a Kawasaki ultra 310r stage 1.
OMG Sander is so handsome.
by Asico September 18, 2020
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