A true cannabis lover, who gets all the girls.

I wish I was a Sander.
Iā€™m a sander, I love cannabis and get all the girls.
by Fuck a boi October 14, 2020
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Noun - a geriatric socialist necromancer who epitomizes hypocrisy, arrogance and elitism.
Used in a sentence: "I was talking to this Sander at the bar last night. Total idiot."
by TheRealStentor February 23, 2019
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Sander is an awesome and cool person with a lot of friends and all the women love him a lot, no one hates Sander.
wow Sander is so cool
by mega man xl February 28, 2021
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Sander is a really dumb person that is annoying all the time. He is also really funny and has a kind heart (even tho you have to dig deeeeeeeeeep in to find it). He is really cute and handsome, and everybody loves him.
look there is sander!
wow he is so handsome
by Shivaaaa1403 March 11, 2019
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The most sexy person in theworld, he is a god at gaming and he smells godlike. He peoduces the most testosterone than every guy ever. Meet Sander
Sander is 10x better than Noah
by FuckBizhes October 10, 2018
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