A trick done improperly or lazily, especially a slide not held level.
Maybe if you stopped being such an asshole you wouldn't sandbag all your fuckin' tricks.
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by ThePhelper May 08, 2019
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A person who is a load to others; always brings problems, is a hassle, is heavy, and has no value (good for nothing).
My mother in law is a Sandbag, because she doesn't bring any value to her own marriage and ours. She doesn't work, just watches TV, complains all day, manipulates and wants to divide. Only represents some kind of problem no matter what, brings nothing valuable to society.
by Common Sense Moderate June 16, 2019
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To pile-on to a person, or to join onto a side of an argument. The most common uses of sandbags are in sports arguments and in roast sessions with the boys.
Sam: Brad you are a dumb dufus

Brad: Sam you make no sense dude.
Trent: Yeah Sam he's right you eat bro.

Sam: Why do you gotta sandbag me like that Trent?
by rolandhehehe June 08, 2017
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