"I'm caught in the dyke sand, I'm gonna need a U-haul to pull me out"
by ungepatchket October 13, 2019
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Ok so in today’s video I’m going to play... what’s the name, let me see. (Ten hours of silence later) ok we are playing eat sand... (ten years of creepy silence later) So uh I’m drinking hot sauce not known as lava uh so I’m ending this video uh.
by Da personnnnn June 24, 2021
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To be overwhelmed with work, or a lot of small tasks that seem never ending.
Person 1: Hey You busy?
Person 2: I'll say, I'm deep in Aladdin's sand right now!
by Noztromo December 22, 2020
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Being overwhelmed with work or tasks that seem to never end.
Person 1: Hey you finish counting those tooth picks?
Person 2: No I'm deep in Aladdin's sand.
by Noztromo December 22, 2020
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The mark a certain individual leaves on another’s life .

A positive imprint in their story.

A sign to start living and leave a legacy
“He left his footprint in the sands of time
footprints on the sands of time

leaving a mark on history
by shut it pal1 June 28, 2022
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