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while having anal sex with your girlfriend or wife or even a male friend depending on how you are, simply after a good long screwing of the butthole I'm talking about 20 minutes a least pull out and her/ his butthole will be about 2 inchees in diameter, take a air compressor and strap a dildo on to it for her/ his saftey. Make sure the psi guage is at about 200 psi and let her rip, in doing so shit should come EXPLODING out.

advice if you are a proffesional in doing this stunt make her eat spicy Indian food for a week straight and it will be one crazy mess. !warning! my advice is to wear goggles at all times beacuse my friend has ben permanetly blinded in his left eye
Broseph i did a san diego shit bomb with my boyfriend yeaterday a theres poop all over the walls.
by sausage queen August 08, 2008
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