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Samantha Powell is one of the greatest human beings on earth. She is a superstar that grabs boys attention. If you manage to find one you better hold on tight as she will be gone if you don't put her on a leash. She will support you through thick and thin and will forever be your friend. Samantha Powell's are really good at tennis and will definitely make it on the world's top 5. They are also GORGEOUS! And can easily rock the runway just like a supermodel. But they have a reputation for being pretty badass, so watch out.
GUY: "Mannnnn, did you see Samantha Powell, the new chick, walk down the hallway today?"
MATE: "Yehhh, she's hot af!"
GUY: "Ikr, I call dibs on her, she's all mine."
MATE: "Yeh right, let's see who can get her first and ask her to the dance."
GUY: "Bring it on!"
by dhvbe1ovuyleiqrkuhjdniepurljvd November 01, 2017
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