saving a pussy for a rainy day so as not to ruin it too early.
Sheila was going to come over but I told her not to because i wanted to salve regina.
by Odyssey of the uterus September 24, 2003
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College in Newport, RI renowned as the home of the richest, preppiest kids in New England whose siblings went to Brown, Cornell, Harvard and the like, but who couldn't get in themselves. Students literally live in mansions, as Jazz Age private palaces have been converted into dorms. Hunt/Reefe freshman dorm is yards away from the Vanderbilt's "The Breakers" mansion.

Actually, a good percentage of the student population here DID have their choice of better schools like Northestern, Rutgers or Amherst, but chose SRU for the location and atmosphere. I know some students who turned down Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, and/or Harvard for Salve.

Well-known nursing program - it's not uncommon to shake shit-faced people awake after they've passed out at a party and have them start reciting very technical terms for the human anatomy.

Everybody goes clubbing in Providence on weekends.

Catholic, no sororities or frats, AND it's a dry campus. Merely necessitates new drinking games involving avoiding campus security.
Back @ Salve Regina University

-"That was a fine bunch of girls we met at that Rogers Williams party on Thursday"

-"Duuuuuuuude, I can't remember that at all!!!"

-"Yeah, they all went to Salve, bro! We went to Via Via afterwards and got in a fight with that guy outside, remember?"

-"Naw, man...still nothing. Maybe I'll remember next weekend. Just tell me if I hooked up with any of 'em if you seem 'em around O'Hare"
by WTF is a Seahawk? November 24, 2007
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