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having your salad tossed: is having your asshole eating out with jelly or syrup. I perfer syrup. See Rusty Nail
Web gets his salad tossed by Rusty.
by KKKK December 06, 2002
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Slang for any type of anal sexual activity. Origin is in reference to ass play in prison where available lube is limited to packets of salad dressing typically smuggled from the commissary.
Hey Bubba, if you want to get your salad tossed tonight make sure you snatch some of that ranch dressing that I like from the commissary.
by Baby Ratt November 18, 2017
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being owned in some way. Can be used very often in video games
(after a superior head shot) FUCK YEA! SALAD TOSSED!

You boys ready to toss their salads?
by TDBank September 30, 2009
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