An expression of great confusion, often said with a facial expression to match and hands with palms up.
"...and then my dad said I couldn't date 'til I was 40. Salad face?"
by Willowmd June 22, 2004
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When you see the picture of a cute but extremely geeky girl online and are forced to furiously masturbate to overcome you current state of horniness.
I was so horny looking at her cute lil face that I wrapped BOTH hands around my cock and jerked off like a fucking maniac. My balls exploded thick cum all over the goddamn screen and all over this chick's face.
by fuckershocking February 06, 2005
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1.A person who is over confident to the point where it will make others want to lay a piggy beat down on them. Not so much because they are confident, but the fact that they are confident and don’t really know shit.
2.A male who usually talks about 4056 times louder than necessary, and wears his ipod when doing so. But when the "salad face" takes off said ipod he talks about 5004 times louder.
3.Again a male that wears short shorts that would only be seen on dead female or in some cases transvestite hookers.
4.A person who after spending to much time working with computers that their brains have turned to cold slaw and they loose short term memory and ask the same questions over and over again.
5.A person who devours salad with all the manners of flaming Christmas tree (which to say salad face has no manners) and while eating said salad proceeds to throw it pieces of it every where, including but not limited to his hair and up his nose. Or in some rare cases his whole body appears to be made of salad.
Examples list to match defs above.
1.Ah man here comes salad face, i know that mother fucker is going brag about how fast he shit his pants after he got out of his car.
2.Salad face dont take out your head phones, cause then i cant ingnore you.
3.Why the fuck is salad face whereing those short shorts, is he working the corner or some thing.
4.Yes i said i already played half life 2 ya fucking salad face.
5.OMG salad face just exploded, and its raining salad.
by LordPiggyinton April 04, 2005
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Any form of facial hair, whether it be a goatee, moustache, fu manchu or long beard.
Rollie Fingers, Hall of Fame pitcher for the Oakland A's, had some of the most impressive face salad in the history of sports.
by Merkules June 26, 2009
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