A woman who figuratively sails an ocean of cock, but in realistic terms is simply a cock-loving whore.

Much like the sailors of old she lives unto her own set of rules and superstitions (she shall take no cock that curves left on the odd days of the week as it shall bring bad luck).

Much like the sailor she understands the risks and rewards of sailing the ocean of cock and thus accepts that which Fate may place before her (like Chlamydia) with no ill-will but rather the mindset that it is as it must be.

Not to be confused with Cock Pirate.
"She loved the cock, craved the cock in fact. So much of her time was spent in thought, pursuit and domination of the cock that she saw herself adrift in an ocean of cock with nothing to guide her from port to port but her abilities as a Cock Sailor."
by Ernest Saves Hemmingway April 01, 2009
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A person in charge of a boat or vessel who has no experience other than the training they received to fill the position they are in. Straight from the farm to the helm. Inexperienced boater. One who took the orientation course from the dealer and headed for the bay. Many young Navy and Coast Guard coxswains or deck officers fit this description until they get some miles under their keel.
Keep your wits about you, there's a lot of Nebraska Sailors on the water today.
by Kris Jensen February 05, 2008
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A male, usually horribly overweight, who insists on 'cross-playing,' especially one that persists in wearing a fuku or Japanese schoolgirl uniform.
That 300 lb. man in the miniskirt, knee-high boots, and blouse you see at ACEN every year? Yeah, that's Sailor Man.
by PwF August 31, 2007
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A character in the anime cartoon "Sailor Moon." Mars, whose real name is Raye, is the most independent of the sailor scouts, often getting into fights with Sailor Moon herself. She was the third sailor scout to be discovered.
by anime master August 02, 2004
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A player on an online gaming service who plays really cheap and is gay. A Rowman Sailor is often very hairy and is bad at trash talking. This lack of an ability to trash talk often reveals the homosexuality of the individual. Ex: "i'm going to put my annaconda in your zoo." A Rowman Sailor is also charactarized by his excessive use of the word FRAK. You will most likely encounter a Rowman Sailor in Halo 3. The Rowman Sailor will always seek out the power weapons or vehicles. Without them he cannot possibly win. If you do find yourself playing against a Rowman Sailor, be sure not to tea-bag him. He likes that. Because hes gay. Also, if he tea-bags you it will not count the same way, because a Rowman Sailor does not have balls.
"I got killed by a Rowman sailor. He's so cheap and has no skill. He couldn't play fair to save his life."
by Gaylo 3 June 29, 2008
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1. Extremely drunk. Usually in such a way that you're all wobbly at the knees and doing your best to stand up. Akin to a sailor on a ship deck being washed with large waves during rough seas doing his best to stay on his feet.
"He was so bloody pissed last night he was doing the slippery sailor!"
by Jay Kaufman June 22, 2007
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Term to describe a piece of floating fecal matter (shit/turd)in the toliet bowl.
Flush twice because your roomies don't want to find a missing sailor.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
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