Sadie is ridiculously beautiful and sexy and has a habit of being too hot for her own good. She likes flowers and alcohol, and will probably smoke a peace pipe in later life. She has relatives who live far away. And she has a smart ass mouth.
"Man, did you see Sadie?, ooft, I so would"

"Yeah, but she was a cheeky bugger, but yeah, she was fineeee as usual"
by TrueHate December 13, 2009
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An awesome,tall,blonde girl. Shes amazing to talk to, and can brighten your day. She has the best personality and won't take crap from anyone. She keeps secrets until you piss her off. If you don't piss her off, she'll be your friend forever. She's extremely adorable,and loves to laugh...even if she doesn't admit it. And she also loves to talk on the phone, especially to people named kameron.
Wow, sadie is the best. I had an hour long conversation with yesterday.
by That1GuyLol September 08, 2013
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Sadie is a beautiful short blonde girl who wont take crap from anyone. she works well with kids and with medicine. Everyone who is with her smiles. She is easy to fall in love with. She may come off a little strong but if you know her shes really nice. She has beautiful blue eyes and she is a great friend. Her friends tend to be named Eva. She is probably the best person you'll ever meet. Boys seem to fight over her.
boy#1 That girl is so amazing
boy#1 Shes so cute
boy#2 ya shes definitely a sadie
boy#2 I wish she could be mine

boy#1 no shes mine
boy#2her hair and eyes are amazing
by 2jelly2handle January 03, 2015
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a drink made up of Rye, White Rum, and cola
a stiff drink that tastes f-ing good usually ordered by a woman named sadie
by The Chad m February 08, 2009
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Classy girl with that southern charm. One of those "good girls who haven't been caught." Type of girl everyone wants to wife up. Sweet with a good sense of humor but will speak her opinion. That's a total Sadie
Dude I think I wanna marry her... but is she really Sadie-like? She's such a Sadie, always sweet!
by Roblox Ian April 13, 2017
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