1. An Iraqi of the Baath Party, who supports the restoration of Baath Party, Saddam-style leadership in Iraq.
2. A person of any country who knows that Saddam never "gassed his own people".
3. A person of any country who thinks Saddam's rule was good for Iraq and that he just got a bad shake from the Bushes and the Jews.
4. A person of any country who thinks that it was only Saddam's body double who was executed, and the real Saddam is still alive and well.
"Ronnie G.D. is a Saddam Hussein Loyalist. He argues that the Catholic Church did well in Iraq under Saddam, Tariq Aziz was Catholic and the Vatican was the last to pull out it's embassy and spoke against the Iraq Invasion. He thinks women did better in Iraq under Saddam and Bush went in there with the Neocons and messed everything up for no reason. He also says the Kurds were fighting on the Iranian side in the Iran-Iraq War so they deserved to be gassed.
He also says Saddam had a good heart and just did what he had to to maintain control of the region, and that he has the Keys to the City of Detroit for his philantropic efforts."
by Ronnie G.D. January 26, 2008
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