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A sad hipster is one who glorifies the negative aspects of life in attempt to be cool.
They frequently use frownie faces and say negative things and some even go to the extent of talking down and degrading themselves and or others.
Sad hipsters on Twitter like to decorate around their names with frownie faces.

Ex: ☹ alicia ☹
☹ gag ☹
☹ cunt ☹

They also like pizza. Most, but not all.
They put on a big front of being very absurd/open/careless.
Many sad hipsters type exactly like dis N shortened terms w letters n numbers 2 n acronyms wit no punctuation exactly like dis idk why every1s doin dis now tbh

Sad Girls club

At one point or another, every sad hipster has contemplated or actually taken a selfie with a peace sign held up crookedly in front of their face.


life sucks
by rickiebobbie November 21, 2013
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