"wow c is going through Sad Boi Hours."
by C. Mat. Ar. November 12, 2020
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Sad boi hours is a time between 8pm and 3am where sad Bois/ girls listen to music that is quite depressing and let out there emotions and think about life
(During sad boi hours)
(Sad boi)harry: if caffeine is a drug... dosent that mean Starbucks is the biggest drug industry
Kate: who did you think of that whistle listening to XXX dude
by Isable Yee Yee September 15, 2019
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when you feel very sad at like 1-3am
often comes with a soundtrack
Person 1: You where tf are you bro we were gonna go shopping at 2am?
Person 2: I'm having sad boi hours lay off
by friend_of_drainpipe September 14, 2020
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When you feel sad and don’t know what to do you sit at the bottom of your shower and just let the water run over you
I just took a sad Boi shower and now I feel a tad bit better.
by Killjoy_2019 October 9, 2019
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Generally a person in ages 12-30.

Uses phrases like

"You don't know how I feel"
"I'm depressed(self-diagnosed) "
"DePreSsion iS n0T a JoK3"

*on social media*
(shares Bart Simpson shit)
(purposely adds a caption to get noticed)
(Anime/Bart Simpson pfp)

*just a joke don't take this shit seriously especially on tiktok*
Guy 1:*shares something with a sad caption*
Guy 2:"Why is Guy 1 always sad on socmed?"
Guy 3:"Don't worry about him he's just a sad boy/sad girl".
by daddy_sugar February 4, 2021
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The period over Christmas and new year when all the random boys from your past reach out to you. They’re still single and their loneliness is at its peak.

Example text “ Maybe I thought I'd say hi after many years. Xo
“Hey it’s been way too long between messaging but how have you been?”
Have you been getting lots of randoms texts lately? Yeah it’s sad boy season.
by notyoursweetheart March 2, 2022
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Someone who just eats all the time everyday and never excersises or does shit about it. That also listens sad, suicidal or mental ill hip-hop songs and typically wears black or just plain colored clothes everyday and usually feels alone and like being alone and feeling depressed
You are such a fat sad boy
by Fat Sad Boy January 24, 2018
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