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Basically a concentration camp do not send your kids here unless you want your children to be depressed and suicidal. Better off sending your kid to some ghetto school because the education probably is better since all the teachers are dumb as fuck. The principle is 900 years old and will personally attack ur child most likely. Basically this school is like spending 10 years in hell.
Ew shit this place is like sacred heart elementary school

Ugh I hate school. Bitch stfu I went to sacred heart elementary school it canโ€™t be that bad
by Hopesbrownies68 October 16, 2017
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2 words for it. HELL. HOLE. Do not send your child here unless you want them to suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts or actions. The place is a mess. Everything is very unorganized and all the staff members will treat you like shit. The new principal hasnโ€™t showed up in like 4 months so the other 900 year old one is still there. I have gone to the school for 10 years and I wish I never did. If you had a dollar for every time I came home crying, wanting to kms, and begging my parents to leave, you would be a millionaire. The place smells like death. There is mold and dust everywhere. The teachers donโ€™t have teaching degrees. The whole place is an asylum. I havenโ€™t learned one valuable lesson from here yet besides the fact that once I graduate I am never coming back. The teachers will assault you, and the people there are bitches. HIGHLY DO NOT RECCOMEND.
Ugh I hate my school so much. Bitch I went to sacred heart elementary school, stfu.

What is the difference between sacred heart elementary school and a living hellhole?

No wonder why she is so dumb, she went to sacred heart elementary school.
by b@ll$@ck January 16, 2019
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