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1. A prettymuch rad show, popular in the 90's, about a teenage witch, who lives a relatively normal life, learning lessons through her magic.
1. I'm Sabrina the teenage witch and I basically used to accidentally turn people into pineapples, but now I can toadally whip yo ass with Truth Sprinkles and stuffff. <3
by the guhllies. October 22, 2005
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A half-decent show from the nineties about a teenage witch named Sabrina. Hilarious to watch if your name is Sabrina. However, it can also torture teenage girls named Sabrina. People will call you this at some point, (loudly and for no reason) and it is not amusing.
friend/random person: Hey! Sabrina the teenage witch! LOL.
person named Sabrina: not funny. Get out of my house.
by fjike August 02, 2011
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a commonly used expression among New York's Austrian Native American population. the term, coined by Muller Running Feather in 1987 refers to the sexual act where a woman receving anal sex will ride the aformentioned cock like a broomstick and cackle like a crazy ass witch. Witch hat is optional.
"jesus fucking christ Aldolph, that crazy ass loose slut was so cocked up when she gave me a sabrina the teenage witch. I still have no clue how the hat ended up in my ass!"
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