"S'ing the P" is a phrase that means to suck the pipe. It is a term, mainly used by uppercrust white folk, that is the equivalent to the phrase rim job.
I wish my girl would s the p every once in a while.

Shit, bitch, s'ing the p is disgusting
by Tyler "The" Durden March 4, 2008
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Small Asian Penis: a derogatory term, saying that the smallest of the smallest penises are considered asian penises
girl 1: so how'd it go with you and Mike last night?
girl 2: it was horrible. i was about to give him a blow job but when i pulled down his pants he had S. A. P. it was so small
by michael mitchel April 17, 2010
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The customer won't fix that part of the car, now it's S E P.
by Hondadude May 12, 2008
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"S my P" is a discrete way to let someone know that you Shit your Pants. It is for people who are either ashamed of their activity or want to make light of the situation.

However, "S my P" is not to be confused with "S my D," which refers to Suck my Dick or "S my C," which refers to Suck my Clit. This should be easy to keep straight in your head because no one says, "Suck my Penis."
Caitlin: "Hey John, I think I S'ed by P! Help."

John: "No worries! I got some backup pants in the trunk. I S my P all the time!"
by C.B.O. December 4, 2010
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A sleepover completely devoted to play wii.
Richie: Hey man wanna come over and play PS3

Dan: no me and scott are having a s-wii-p over
by Rader December 9, 2006
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"Standard and Poors" is a credit rating agency; Standard & Poor's issues credit ratings for the debt of companies. As such, it has designated a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
It issues both short-term and long-term credit ratings.
It also publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds. It is one of the top three players in this business, along with Moody's and Fitch Ratings.
It is also well known for its US-based S&P 500 and the Australian S&P 200 stock market index.
" I really took a bath on those S&P (SPX) 1050 calls (options reserving the right to buy particular derivatives based on the Standard & Poors 500 index, as you are speculating that the options are good to buy this is a positive position), after the Nikkei closed 300 points down"
by H Capote Thomson October 6, 2006
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