Ryan Bergara is the creator, executive producer and co-host of the hit show, Buzzfeed Unsolved.
This show is hosted by the dynamic duo Ryan Bergara and his best friend, Shane Madej.
Ryan considers himself to be a believer and the Unsolved fandom is more commonly known as ' ghouligans' or the 'unsolvedfam' which is divided into two groups: believers (boogaras) or skeptics (shaniacs).
Fans of Ryan Bergara describe him as funny, relatable, and cute.
He is very fond of sports, popcorn, movies and theme parks.
Me: Do you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved? Its my all time favorite show!
Friend: Yes oh my god, I definitely relate to Ryan Bergara.
Me: Me too! I consider myself to be a believer.
by don't try, demon May 1, 2019
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Acorn lookin ah boy ol rooster hair ass cockadoodle doo hollerin ass "I peel the skin off my chicken nuggets" face ass boy
Shane: Dude fuck outta here wit yo Ryan Bergara lookin ass
by Carter defines May 20, 2019
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