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A mistaken pronunciation of a "rusty trombone" - where you eat someone's ass while reaching under to give them a handjob.

"Rusty" because you're eating ass. Get it, get it? lolomg
She asked me what I wanted for by birthday and I told her a rusty trombone would be absolutely lovely.
by Chris March 9, 2005
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The act of receiving a hand job while having your partner blow on your butt hole.
Bro, last night I got a russian trombone from this Indian hooker and my butt hole is still moist!
by GRDN June 26, 2012
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When you turkey baste a shot of vodka into his ass, then you lick his asshole while simentaniously jerking him off. Once he finishes, he squirts the shot of vodka in your mouth.
Last night I got wasted off of Russian Trombones
by Juventude September 12, 2017
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Russian tromboner: when a russian girl is high and plays the trombone hallucinating thinking it's dick.
Man did you see the Russian Tromboner last night after the party?
by omarstones July 9, 2014
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A variation of the rusty trombone. Instead of eating the ass you blow vodka into it while reaching under and performing a handjob.
Vodka is essential if you want to play the Russian trombone.
by Dead End Dale May 21, 2018
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