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-(V) The act or art of placing ones balls on the bridge of anothers nose, while orienting your "taint/asshole" over your partners mouth.
Usually seen at parties and strip clubs in the Tampa Bay area, most prevelant near TIA/Drew park area.
"Dude I just Russian Gas masked this bitch over off of Buffalo Avenue" (Ain't MLK RICKY !)
by Mad_Russian November 09, 2007
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Similar to an Iranian Gasmask, except the penis is inserted into the "wearer's" mouth, instead of the balls
Man, they might not know how to ice skate, but they sure do make good gasmasks.


Baby, I feel our love needs to be taken to the next level, so please let me give you a Russian Gasmask.
by The Blasstard June 09, 2006
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The act of farting in your partner's mouth, then receiving oral sex from them.
I convinced that bitch to give me a Russian gas mask....It was degrading!
by Squeakyjew January 10, 2011
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