Most addicting failure of a game ever. I started back in 05 and now i'm cursed with the game DON'T PLAY IT!
by HMSB February 19, 2010
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A game on the Internet where many kids think they can get away with talking rude to many other people. Too many 10 year olds play it, and they can get addicted. Then they resort to it as their "power source, or where they are the best."
John: Give me your lunch money...
Alfred: Hold on let me get my computer.
John: What?
Alfred: *logs on runescape and tries to brag about his stats*
John:*punches alfred*
by iMake Sense February 03, 2010
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At least it's not as addicting as WoW or MapleStory.
WoW player spends 13 hours a day on WoW
MapleStory player spends 8 hours a day
(Controlled, as in self-control) Runescape player logs on, plays for about one hour, gets bored, and gets back to the real world.
by GAWDZILLA April 18, 2010
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This game is sick.
My friend played the game for up to 2 months untill it ruined his life.
He used to be normal, he liked getting high, drinking you know the usual stuff.
But that all changed when he played runescape. He would play day and night and night and day living off of coffee and super noodles. He even got me playing it i thought this game isnt bad sure the graphics aint good but its ok to pass time WRONG. I started to get addicted and even bought members. He stopped playing it for a while when he went to work
but when he got fired it was right back to runescape. When ever someone said to him that the game sucks he would simply say its just because you dont know how to play. I luckily got away from the hell that is runescape but i find myself playing it from time to time for a while.
It is like a drug once you start you will never be the same again. I am happy to report that my friend we will call him Pmc has stopped palying runescape but i fear that at any given moment he will turn that computer on and try to get 99 herblore but we just have to take it a day at a time. If you or a friend play runescape please stop because its just like a never ending ride straight to HELL.
oh my god i just cant seem to stop playing the game that will cause me to sell my t.v and my anus for members on RUNESCAPE.
by former scapehead May 23, 2009
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Jimmy: "Come on, guys! Let's go play Runescape!!"

Henry: "Isn't that like a ghetto WoW?"
by Sasha C. August 17, 2008
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A game that everybody oddly thinks is better then World of Warcraft... I'm not sure how you would even relate the two games, runescape is a flash game and world of warcraft is well... a giant MMORPG made by a professional company.
World of Warcraft player: Hey, do you play world of warcraft?

Runescape player: Ha, noob I play runescape, World of Warcraft sucks!

World of Warcraft player: Were you dropped on your head as a child?
by Wanna-be Anon? April 25, 2009
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