The line of grooves that are cut into the side of highways which cause a loud noise when a driver gets too close to the edge.
Whenever I'm getting road head it's hard not to hit the rumble strip.
by Jesse Hattabaugh April 19, 2006
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The counterpart of motorboating on men, where the mouth is used to send vibrations between the penis and the balls (i.e. the scrotal region).
Michelle was going down on me, and in the middle she stopped sucking and rumble stripped me... greatest move EVAR!!
by Da SKizz June 6, 2010
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One may consider genital warts a form of rumble strips however, most prefer condoms ribbed for their pleasure a better alternative.
by Horney badger January 2, 2017
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The area on a woman between the thigh and labia that is prone to chafing in hot weather.
"Man, the road rash on my rumble strip is killing me!"
by Rumble bitch August 4, 2012
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A thin vertical line of female pubic hair extending upward from the clitoral hood. Much like the Hitler 'stache but longer. Also like the landing strip but thinner.
hitler 'stache, brazilian, pubes, wax, shave, landing strip, rumble strip
by Denis Leonard February 22, 2010
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When fucking a person in the ass, and they fart around your cock.
"Our anal sex was vastly improved when she gave me a rumble strip"

"I knew they were close to cumming when I hit the rumble strip"
by Koriandrkitten February 12, 2017
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The act of intentionally driving your car (or other transportation device) over an uneven surface in order to send sensual vibrations through a woman's erogenous zones.
Sandy asked Dave to drive over the Johnson St Bridge so that she could receive a Cape Breton Rumble Strip
by Douglas6969 August 23, 2006
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