A sport involving 15-a-side teams that originated in the UK, but is often criticised eslewhere due to its 'rough-and-tumble' nature, ie. you could walk off the pitch with several bones broken after the 80 minutes. It requires the mindset of stone and extreme physical shape, especially lower body and abdomen. Most rugby players start from a very early age in the UK and Oceana due to how 'specialist' most of the skills needed are. Despite the fact that playing rugby is by far more physically demanding than Football (Soccer), the players are paid less than the afore-mentioned counterpart, meaning that it is less financially rewarding to play than other mainstream sports, yet has its own culture that most of the 'born-and-bred' players live by, commonly referred to (at least in my area, this is a geographically dependant phrase) as "Scrum Down, Drink Up". No matter what happens on the field, you can still share several pints with the guy who speared you.
1. "Hey guys! Newcastle Falcons need a new Flanker, I can finally play professional Rugby!"

2. “I like to think I play rugby as it should be played - there are no yellow or red cards in my collection - but I cannot say I'm an angel.” - Jonny Wilkinson OBE, England Fly-Half.
by kunge1999 August 11, 2014
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Probably the manliest sport in the world, boasting amazing athletes such as Jonah Lomu and Piri Weepu. Though constantly made fun of by Football fans (American and actual Football), little do they know that as pre-game snacks, rugby players eat people like David Beckham.
Professional Rugby Players tend to average at about 100 kgs (of solid muscle)
Current Rugby World Champions: All Blacks
by Autumn Tsunami November 07, 2011
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A game that is in fact a lot better than football. You run faster, hit harder, have little rest, get punched on a constant basis because the other team that started it thinks your dirty (it's not my fault), and at least in Wisconsin someone gets a concussion a game. Why do pads make it more dangerous? They cushion you and slow the players down a bit. Football has a stoppage every 10 seconds, while Rugby does not.
I speared a guy so hard in Fond du Lac he didn't get up for a few minutes then ran over and tackled another dude. Finally, I ran after some massive forward and said "Aww, Fuck it I am playing rugby". Then I whipped my body at him to slow him down because he was twice my size and could bench press my whole family.
by Phillip Kaltenbach August 17, 2006
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A kick-ass sport. Basically involves sprinting like your pants are on fire (for backs) or smacking the shit out of people (for forwards). Oh and there's a ball too. Two kinds: Union (for real men) and League (for pansies). Lots of people say its better than football b/c there are no pads. People, football pads don't stop you from being beat up. Football players are usually bigger and hit harder, so there's no real difference in toughness. Soccer blows ass though.
Guy 1:Man I'm pissed off
Guy 2: Go play rugby and kick the shit out of some dudes

If you want a sport that's fun and gets chicks without making you into a jerkoff jock, play rugby.
by rugbyballa August 22, 2006
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A real mans sport. Unlike any other sport. For the pro football guys remember, rugby consist of 15 players actually playing at the same time, unlike football where you have line men that just block each other....Gay....there is no blocking and in the US its quite popular in the north east region. We have our own union called VRU and its fun.....Football is just for a bunch of pussies who dont want to get hurt. We recruiat a lot of black guys to play and whats the first thing they ask....Where are the pads...its the only sport you can legally punch someone, step on them, and ruck the hell out of someone and you are considered a good player...Hockey doesnt go 100 mph maybe 20 on a windy day...American football is lame because hard tackles maybe happen twice a game, they have quaters and only play for 60 minutes with like a hour break in between halfs where in rugby its about 10 minutes here...You also get timeouts in rugby the only time we stop is if the ball goes out or someone scores...No other sport can even come close to the one real sport..
Transcripat after a rugby match
Man 1:Hey did you see that hit last game...
Man 2:Which one?
by Steve-o23690 August 16, 2006
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a sport for REAL men, not for fags who play american football.
Jack: hey man.. do you play (american)football?
Asian Dude: Get a life asshole. (american)football's for fags. i'm all rugby!
Englishman: Right you are lad!
by Raid. August 09, 2006
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