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A place used to signify right-wing reactionary and Tory-voting wealthy England. Sort of like Utah in the US.--only less mormons
"Disgusted of Royal Tunbridge Wells" ---a phrase used to express disgust at the moral spinelessness of UK pop culture.
by J-Green September 16, 2006
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A notoriously affluent town in Kent, home to housewives who drive Range Rovers, exclusively shop in Waitrose and cook in AGAs, and whose lives revolve solely around their dogs (namely goldendoodles and labradoodles).

The residents can be characterised by headlines such as 'Tunbridge Wells shoppers disgusted at the arrival of Poundland".

Yes this town has it's own Monopoly.
"Whereabouts in Kent are you from"
"Royal Tunbridge Wells"
"Ahhh so you're posh then"
by cheeseboardchap December 29, 2018
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