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Royal Gala, is a legend of a place, situated somewehere near India, nobody is sure exactly where it is.... Legends generally hang out there. They spand there days eating apples, goin to eterna, a very popular nightclub there and going to concerts. They enjoy most music, but all royal galians adore FADDY P, a rap artist who is also a legend. There are no cars in Royal Gala, mostly pepole generally travel in overcrowded legend buses. General slang in Royal Gala includes, 'shibby' and 'sham'. Royal Gala is most definetly the best place on the planet!
Grainne: Dude you heading to royal gala this summer??
Leanne: Oh i dunno, hard to get in...i heard anno the legend got in..??
Grainne: yea she was telling me about eterna, and Faddy p etc!
Leanne: maybe she can get us in...
by Legefest January 20, 2008
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