A Greek black metal band. Does it honsetly matter whether they are "true" or not? It's a band making its own music, that's it. The same goes for everything else extreme closed-minded philistines don't like purely based on popularity reasons instead of the music itself.

Yes, Norway probably did invent the genre, but in the same way that the UK invented the telephone, it can be made in other countries just as well, sometimes better. My phone's Japanese, for example, although Alex Bell invented the first one.
Rotting Christ is a rather good Greek black metal band.
by Amoxcillin 750mg October 29, 2006
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Rotting Christ has been around for longer for Immortal, Emperor, Burzum, plus a whole lot of other bands. Euronymous was actually going to sign them to Deathlike Silence Productions before he died, so yes, they are Black metal (Metal-Archives even thinks so).

So anyway, it's a great greek black metal band with a Gothic type feel to their music. Early Demos were influenced more by Grindcore, before they became a fully blown black metal band. Like I said, They've been around for more years then their Norwegian Black metal musicians so they are highly influential. Lyrics usually talk about Greek Mythology and love which is definitely something new in black metal.

100x better than Dimmu or Cradle.
Rotting Christ has some great albums such as Sanctus Diavolos, Triarchy of the Lost Lovers, and Khronos.
by Metal6head January 06, 2008
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Great band and the only good black metal band to ever exist.
Oh, please. Fuck the lyrics, just listen to the music.
by Gabe November 22, 2003
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Another wussy black metal band trying to be true.

Related bands - Cradle of flith, Children of Bodom, Hectate Enthroned.

Bands you SHOULD listen too so that you don't sound like a wuss - Mayhem, Emperor, Burzum (old stuff), Satyricon, Impaled Nazarene.
Untrue metalhead: ZOMG, Rotting Christ is so good.

Norsk svart metallkriger: Shut up you piece of trash, Immortal is better.

Norsk svart metallkriger = roughly translates too: Norweigan black metal warrior
by Strange Old Brew August 25, 2005
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Another black/death metal band who has nothing better to do than growl so low that it sounds like belching, that or screaming like they lost their scrotum, on and on about how bad christianity supposedly is.
by nigger goblin June 24, 2003
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