Rest Of School Year (suspension). This is usually given near the end of the school year, when there is only a week or two of school left. Basically, you get out of school a week or two early, along with a referral.
Girl 1: I cant wait for summer!
Girl 2: Mine already started, I got rosy.
by Pseudonomous bosch May 26, 2012
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To be extremely cool! GANGSTAAAA lmfao (my defintion of Rosy) actually the complete opposite of gangstaa...(loser wit tha sexy glasses) hahaha (rite Jupaa?) LOL
Dam dat gurls Rosy
"darn that gurls GHEY but chek out her glasses" (sez Jupa) ahahahahha
by ROSY KUMAR March 06, 2003
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see fives; claiming a seat for later use when forced to leave.
guy1: that douchebag wont get out of my seat!
guy2: did you call rosies?
guy1: damnit i forgot!
by Evamamen December 27, 2007
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The lovely red blossoms to be found on a well-spanked ass.
Jennifer begged Chad for rosies for Valentine's Day, but only got some stupid red flowers.
by More anonymous August 28, 2009
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2c-t-2, or Chemically 2C-T-2 is 4-ethylthio-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, with the formula C12H19O2NS. A psychedelic empathogin related to mescaline and MDMA (e)
Man, where can I score some rosy?
by sean January 21, 2005
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