A rosebud is the bud of a rose flower.
It was a beautiful spring morning and the smell of fresh rosebuds was in the air. Then I fucked you mom.
by DUMPTRUCK January 02, 2008
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That gay porn star has taken so many dicks up the ass he's starting to rosebud.
by Dodgysam January 30, 2011
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An enflamed hemorhoid.
Joe could hardly use the cheap, one-ply office toilet paper because his rose bud was so tender.
by Richard Black March 09, 2005
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When playing the (first era) game of The Sims, rosebud is the secret code you can type to receive 1,000 Simoleons.

In order to get the most money possible, type in rosebud;!;!;! (keep adding ;! until there is no room left, then backspace one time and at a 1. After you press enter, an error will show up telling you the code is invalid, but if you hold down the enter button long enough your money keeps growing. The 1 is added at the end in order to get the error window, so that you can keep pressing enter and get money without having to type it in every time.
That rosebud code for The Sims got me enough funds for my dream house in under a minute!
by starvethego August 07, 2016
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When someone purposely (usually) or accidentally (sometimes) pushes his or her colon out of their asshole. Can occur from: fisting, pumping, rough anal sex, large anal toy use, for example.
Damn shame; now the shit just slips out since their colon and anal sphincter ("rosebud") can no longer hold it in! Bummer!
by JustMe1963 June 21, 2010
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the feeling you get when you and your friends reminisce about the past and the only word that could describe it is this one.

i.e. reference to the movie CITIZEN KANE, when at the end of the movie, the sled has the word rosebud imprinted on it, referring to his childhood.
jeff: yo, remember back in the day when used to sneak into the movie theaters and watch like 5 movies in one day??
dave: yeaaaa man that shit was crazy..
jeff and dave: rosebuD!!!
by jeffro kim January 13, 2006
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