australian slang.

someone (usually a woman) who can't get enough sex, starts having sex at an early age, or is continually looking for a root.

more often than not comes with root rot.
that girl's a total root rat, dave
by StrapOn February 11, 2005
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Noun, Mega Slut has the look,will and ability to sleep around with anything not nailed down. or a really Horny female.
She is a "root rat"
She's a bit of a "root rat"
That chick is a "root rat"
by David Clarke February 1, 2005
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A person who enjoys s3x (sometimes a little too often), commonly used in Aussie slang.
"Oh, well you're a little Root rat aren't ya?"
by Penny.Sonya.Cox December 20, 2020
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