Signing up for shared housing sight unseen, especially in a college or university setting. You may be assigned a roomate from hell or you may get someone pretty sweet. Many feel the risk is too high so they seek alternative housing sources. Term derived from the game Russian Roulette where a bullet is placed in the chamber of a revolver and placed up to ones head. You may luck out, but most dont think its worth the risk.
"Fuck that shit, last time I got assigned a roomate, he was an anal-retentive dork who played Halo all day and cock-blocked left and right. I ain't going to play roommate roulette this year, I am going to money up and get a studio."
by LawSlacker April 8, 2006
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simular to "friend with bennifits"
a Roommate (normally opposit sex) that acts as a fuck buddy.
someone you live with but do not have a relationship with, but will on occasion, use for sex.
Yes, he is just a Roommate with Bennifits, I can fuck him when ever I need too, like after being at the bar and only meeting losers... but I come home horny.
by MyFavorite2Reds May 7, 2011
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A roommate that no one ever should have. This is a roommate that never cleans the room and is a total dick to his roommates. He stays up late doing his homework because he was too busy watching tv. Takes the longest showers and messes with the temperature. He also has no problem walking around naked and showing the world his tiny dick. The world would be better without the shitty roommate.
Erin: Jeff is such a shitty roommate, he always does things intentionally to piss off chris and ryan.

Rest of the track team: Yeah he is a total dick
by crooky12345 March 7, 2011
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The act of going out with one roommate, then realizing you like the other one more and wanting to switch. However, if you simply break up with your girlfriend her roommate will be too loyal to her to go out with you. So you request a menage a trois to your girlfriend, and she will be so offended by the fact that you're attracted to her roommate that she will break up with you. Then she will tell her roommate, who will understand that you like her. Your ex will not be against this in any way, because she was the one who dumped you. You will have successfully performed the roommate switch.

Made popular by Seinfeld.
Jerry: I want to go out with his girlfriend's roommate, but I can't think of a way.
George: You should try the roommate switch.
by WhileyCoyote April 25, 2010
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A major pain in the ass. Rude Never Fuckin' Leaves, and snores like an effin 18 wheeler. Blames you for everything...even if you don't have any clue what he's talkin about. Changes your roommate (who used to be your friend) into the biggest bitch you've ever met, and the worst person in the world to live with. He continues to think he owns a piece of your room and never leaves...even when you are getting ready to get in the shower(you actually have to tell him to leave when your standing there in your bra.) Inconsiderate bastard that trys to make you feel guilty for things you didn't even know happend between him and your roommate. Has an incredibly annoying laugh. Locks you out of your own room. Pretty much just a total JackASS who ruines everything about your roommate and former friend. Referred to as Fuckin' Bryan.(or any name works)
My Roommate's Boyfriend fits the definition above perfectly. His Name is Bryan Smith.
by Akitram Rrop BW December 31, 2009
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Somebody who never leaves the room whenever you could fulfill your sexlife. This kind of people disrespect your privacy needs either because they don't give a fuck about you or just simply being an asshole.
"Dude I picked up that hot chick yesterday but I couldn't bang her "
"How comes? "
"'Cause my prick cockblocking roommate were staying in the room all time again, it was the 3rd time he ruined my sexlife "
by theRiko April 5, 2016
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june 13

The day to celebrate roommates everywhere.
Harry Potter gave J.K a nail clipper for Roommate's Day
by Spikeaxe June 13, 2008
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