Someone you live with in your dorm/apartment/house/suite etc. during your college-life, or real-world life. He/she will ultimately become either your greatest enemy or your best friend, though the latter has a slim chance of happening. IF you can avoid the first, find someone whom you 1) can bond with instantly 2) have share the same field of study (in college) or work, and 3) can trust. Keep in mind, however, that this privilege of choice more openly comes to you after your freshman year of college.
Dude 1: I hate my roommate. He's so shady, he "forgets" to pay his share of the bills, we're not in the same classes, and we never hang out! We have nothing in common!

Friend 2: Aw really? Well, my roommate's the exact opposite of yours, taking everything you said into account. He's awesome! You should come meet him!

Dude 1: For sure! Maybe us three can room together next year!
by AMNlinkinparkfan115 September 29, 2010
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my roommate is the most annoying fucker to date. he used to sexile me every other day, didn't care if i couldn't get into my room while they were fucking changing, until i told them to fuck in her room. inconsiderate bastard. he also expects me to go to bed at the same time he does; he asks me every single fucking night what time i want to go to bed. he tells me to work on my fucking homework the next night just because he says he can't sleep as well with the computer on. i work on my homework in the computer lab where i don't have to put up with his peevish presence. he said that it would be funny if my cello got stolen, which it did. turns out somebody down the hall did it as a joke. scared the hell out of the motherfucker. fucking deserved it.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 6, 2005
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1. A fat stupid pig inside an innocent looking person's body. They will pretend they like you and mean you no harm. But as soon as you turn your back or go to sleep. They will eat all your food, piss on your face, puke in your waterbottle, and shove ice cubes up your ass! When you go to college try and avoid all of these assholes.

2. Someone who pays to live in your house, and say they'll help pay rent. After you start nagging them about not paying the rent, you'll wake up the next day to find your cat stolen, as well as your family's christmas tree, your bike, and all your brand new ice cream will be eaten. All that will be left is a crappy note.

3. See: Pig, crossdresser, pervert, pedophile, and doughnut.
1."What the f-ck happened to me last night. My face is soaked with piss, there's ice cube's up my ass, and I think someone puked in my water bottle I just drank out of."
"Oh shit musta been your roommate dude.

2."That stupid dike Kim stole my f-cking cat!"

3."Look skank, your a flat out roommate!"
*Bitch Slap*
"Oh no you didn't"
by DontbeHatin April 28, 2005
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Sarcastic representation of someone that is your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband but you refuse to label them as such. This person (roommate) carries all the authority and power of a significant other, though you deny any association to all friends and family.

Hey Eric, how did you get that bruise on your eye? Did your roommate beat you up?


Person A - Dude!, what do you mean you all of a sudden cant go on this trip?

Person B - insert lie

Person A - Whatever...probably your roommate got you on lock down, huh?
by AsianPersuasian March 18, 2008
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someone you live with who you thought would be a good friend. it turns out they they insult you into submission until you are crying in your closet for 3 hours a day, to scared to come out due to fear of more insults.
example: your a crappy roommate you flaming stag, why dont you go take a nap... in the bottem of a bath tub. you useless sack of sh*t.
by ~dan!_ October 5, 2006
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a whore you live with that you go get a pregnancy test for, even though she has never done anything for you. and then you run into people you know while buying this pregnancy test. and she doesn't pay you back.
Roommate: Oh my gosh I think I'm pregnant.

You: Go get a pregnancy test.
Roommate: But my mom works across the street that the CVS is on. Will you go to CVS and buy it for me?
You (inner monologue): But you've never done anything for me...why should I?
You (out loud): Umm. Sure.
by tooniceforyourowngood December 1, 2009
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When you do not want people realizing you're dating someone for personal reasons, you label the woman as a roommate and that both of you have never been intimate. Instead of just coming out with your relationship you make a convoluted web of lies and deciet to cover any evidence of a relationship.
Felix: No, dud adept is not my girlfriend she's my ROOMMATE
by Dyerd_ September 2, 2020
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