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The suicide inducing room in Reilly Hall; also goes by the name of Room 734. Appeared first in the reddit r/nosleep story which gave it its fame. It is the room that caused six suicides, mainly by jumping out the window or hanging oneself. It is inhabited by an evil spirit that attacks victims when they are alone. Characteristics of this spirit include a long face and yellow eyes, though not much else is known. The spirit resides in the supply closet next door, but attacks the inhabitants of Room 733/734 through the shared closet between the two rooms.

All that is known about the victims is that they are driven to insanity. They first draw/come up with unspeakable things, then end up pushing themselves to suicide. You can first recognize the spirit through the grating window noises, scratching in the wall, whispering, and loud slams coming from the room next door. The spirit caused the rooms on the 7th floor of Reilly Hall to be closed down.
Josh: Hey man did you hear what happened to that chick in room 733?

Tyler: Yeah, apparently she was afraid of heights. Can't imagine what that spirit could have done to drive her out of that window.

Josh: I wonder what the people on the ground felt like.

Tyler: And to think it all happened because some idiot moved the room numbers down.
by simtasticfred February 14, 2017
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