Alcoholic beverage containing a roofy.
"I'll have a Martini, and uhh a roofy colada for the lady."
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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a word made famous by quagmire from family guy the term roofie colada is refering to a drink with a roofie in it
as you go to the bar the bartender says "So what will it be a jack and coke for you and the usual roofie colada for your date"
by Big Nutzzz December 07, 2003
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Roofie Colada was originally coined by Quagmire on Family Guy referring to a drink with a roofie in it for a female, his means of getting laid.

Over time female lushes started referring to drinks 1/2 liquor 1/2 mixer or less as Roofie Coladas.

Its first known reference in this way was seen on Facebook in early October of 2010 by a female alcohol connoisseur aka lush in the suburbs of Chicago. That post was immediately followed up with shenanigans of "Me Too" & "I Roofied Colada'd myself again last night" by other women who like to party.

Since then it's quickly caught on & took a turn for the worse when drunken idiots started making "brands" of Roofie Coladas such as Goosey Coladas which were Grey Goose w/ a splash of seltzer water & lime.

Roofie Coladas always seem like a great idea at the time and are fun for the whole family but aren't much fun the next day.
Yay it's the weekend! I need a Roofie Colada STAT.
by R-Cman October 15, 2010
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An extremely intoxicating beverage composed of half water, half vodka, and excessive amounts of Crystal Light powder. Best when shaken together in a water bottle, this sickeningly sweet concoction makes an excellent "to-go" drink and tastes virtually alcohol-free. If you don't black out, you made it wrong.
This Roofie Colada isn't strong enough. I had one sip and now I'm only a little tipsy.
by HopeRuthless March 01, 2011
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