When you lay your cock across the length of someone's nose imitating the protective nose guard of the ancient Roman Soldier's helmet.
Last night I was going to give Julie a Tea Bag but instead decided to switch it up a bit and give her a Roman Soldier instead.
by Jason K March 27, 2003
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You take your cock, then place it over top of the nose alligned to replicate a old style army helemt the Roman's used to wear in battle.
by Mason Beveridge February 24, 2004
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Loyal fans of Roman Atwood, one of the biggest pranksters on Youtube , and the founder of the online Smile More store.
" I was, am and will always belong to the nation of Roman Soldiers "
by amed 101 March 30, 2015
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When someone is sleeping (more than likely from drinking a lot) and you put your penis over their nose to resemble the nose guard on a Greco-Roman Soldier’s helmet.
Jill got owned last night when he got the Roman Soldier by Jack last night!
by RobSisRex March 23, 2008
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The act of placing you ballsack on someone's eyes, and then laying your hose down their nose.
When my wife woke up this morning, she had a hard time seeing because i fitted her for a roman soldier helmet.
by yambag021 January 11, 2008
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the act of a man sitting on his partners face and letting his cock hang down the top of his partners head.
The best way to recieve a rim job is while performing the roman soldier helmet.
by bannan December 20, 2003
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when a man rests the shaft of a penis down a girls nose while rest the balls across her forehead giving the illusion of a helmut.
I gave her some arabian googles then i let my shaft down and gave her the roman soldier helmut!
by k November 10, 2004
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