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someone who is EXTREMELY cute and fuckable. Usually they become the first to lose their viginity. these guys are legit fly. they steal ur bitches like tax refunders steal yo money. if you know a romaan, make sure u put a double master cock lock on that hoe. Romaan is gonna take yo girl and fuck her brains out, so watch out. he will cum so fuckin hard on ur moms breasts, you couldve sworn it was an ocean of semen. Romaan's are generally the most trustworthy mo foes out there, but if it involves a hoe, good luck. btw he doesnt like small titties, thats for the flats out there. peace motha fucka.
Person A: Ey yo! that Romaan fool just got caught sleepin with my hoe.
Person B: shough! that dudes on fiyah
by damanslutter December 01, 2013
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