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A trademarked system of deep tissue bodywork and movement education , more properly termed "structural integration", that is an outcome based process that sequentially works through the body to optimally align it in gravity and balance the dynamic relationship between the torso and the head, girdles and limbs. The process usually consists of a 10 part protocol. Named after its originator, US biochemist Dr Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979).
A Rolf Institute trained structural integrator practices "Rolfing". If one is recieving the work , one is having "Rolfing" or being "Rolfed"
by A.C.R May 15, 2008
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To sexually interfere with an underage person
Did you hear Alex got arrested?
Yeah he was caught rolfing at the zoo
by dirtystuff November 10, 2014
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Growing Rolf Harris like hair, beard and sideburns. Playing strange instruments and partaking in Felching.
I was rolfing around at the weekend.
by PO July 07, 2003
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